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Welcome to the official site of the "Legend of Solaris" JKA movie.

What is "The Legend of Solaris"?
"The Legend of Solaris" is a movie made online in Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. Originally intended to be a flashback in "Insane Kane 2" , it was transformed into a movie of its own. It was worked on for several months before it was released to on August 27th 2004.

What genre is the movie?
"The Legend of Solaris" is a suspenseful sci-fi action-thriller.  

Will there be sequels?
Yes. "The Legend of Solaris" is a prequel to the "Insane Kane Trilogy" which takes place 10 years later. Several characters from the Legend of Solaris appear in "The Insane Kane Trilogy", including Kane, Solaris, and Officer Riker. The events of "The Legend of Solaris" and "The Insane Kane Trilogy" are interconnected in one large multilayered story.

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